Mindfulness Therapy


Mindfulness is learning to live in the present moment. A mindful approach to therapy means that we pay close attention to how your thoughts and feelings interact to either trap you in your head, or allow you to live in and enjoy your present moment experiences.

Most of the problems we deal with come from our fast paced, perfectionistic lifestyle. Stress, tension, and general unhappiness are all symptoms of worrying about our future or stewing about our past. Mindfulness teaches you to focus on (and enjoy) the now.

We work with stressed, anxious, overworked women who need guidance on how to make the most out of their lives.

All of us can get off track in life, and therapy offers the space to speak openly about what is dragging you down so you can get the tools you need to find balance and direction. Stress, life disatisfaction, anxiety, and difficult life transitions are all common reasons to seek therapy.



How we Can Help

Depending on what you need, your sessions can consist of anything, from building coping skills to complaining about your boss.


Your session is about you, and we spend your time the way you need. We will identify your primary goals for therapy and work together to formulate the best plan for you. Mindfulness skills, stress management techniques, and goal coaching are examples of what we may spend our time together on.


Initial Consult $185 (55 min)

This session is all about reviewing your history, your reasons for seeking therapy, and identifying what you want most out of our time together. We will discuss and set a vision for how you would like to use your sessions to pursue your goals.


Follow Up Sessions $150 (45 min)

Follow up sessions are our time to learning coping skills, processing your experiences, and gaining insight into your behaviors.



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