Let Go and Start Living


Live Mindfully exists to help guide you from the fear that holds you back from your fullest potential and toward a satisfying life. If you're ready to stop obsessing and spend more time on what brings you joy, we would love to help.


Let's Work Together


Eating Disorder Recovery

Negative body image and food obsessions will make you miserable. Eating disorder recovery will teach you the skills and methods needed to find peace with food and appreciate your body.


Treatment for Anxiety & OCD

Anxiety can make you feel like you're trapped in your own head. With the right knowledge and coping strategies, you can learn to calm your mind and stop the cycle of obsessive, anxious thoughts.


Mindfulness Therapy

Mindfulness is our primary strategy to finding focus, awareness and satisfaction. It is the ideal method for reducing stress & anxiety, and finding the clarity and insight needed to achieving your goals.


Have you tried Web Therapy?

Meeting with your therapist virtually is the most convenient way to get started with therapy. Think of it like Facetiming your best friend, but with expert advice. It's the perfect method for anyone with a busy schedule who still wants specialized help. Web therapy can be used with any of our services and with all of our team members.


Hi, I'm Kelsey Fyffe and the founder of Live Mindfully Psychotherapy! Live Mindfully combines specialized treatments for anxiety based problems, with a mindful, values based approach to life. Every member of the Live Mindfully team is a specialist in their field, and holds your personal sense of fulfillment and life satisfaction as their primary goal. We are passionately dedicated to helping people get out of their heads and live meaningful, enjoyable lives.


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