Treatment for OCD and Anxiety


Living with anxiety feels like the “on” switch in your brain got stuck and won’t turn off. Between the obsessive thoughts, racing heart, and pressure in your chest, anxiety feels all-consuming and deeply uncomfortable. As an anxiety specialist, we help people get out of their heads and stay focused on the present moment. We’re experienced in treating the following (ages 10+):

  • Generalized Anxiety

  • Phobias

  • OCD

  • Body Dysmorphia

  • Trichotillomania



How we Can Help

If you’ve lived with anxiety for long, you know it has a cycle.

It starts with getting an anxious thought, which you obsess about and try to distract yourself from. Distraction may work for a bit, until your next anxious thought occurs and the whole cycle repeats. Treating anxiety is about knowing when to intervene in that cycle. WIth mindfulness skills and Exposure with Response Prevention (ERP), we'll work together to address anxiety disorders. Mindfulness skills help keep you focused and out of your head, while ERP teaches you to address your anxiety without avoidance. We will work together to identify what triggers you, and tailor an action plan specifically to your symptoms.


Initial Consult $185 (55 min)

We will do a full assessment of your anxiety in this session, and identify what triggers your anxiety and how we would like to address it. We will also discuss your general goals for therapy, and create an action plan to pursue them.


Follow Up Sessions $150 (45 min)

These sessions are our time to complete exposure therapy, learn coping skills, and review your progress.



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